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What customers say about us

Katie is great. High energy and very sharp. Plus a great personality! She has the ability to cut through the chase. Another benefit of working with her is that Katie knows which plumber, electrician, carpenter to use. And, the ace up her sleeve is her assistant Mary! She's the best!

Maarten & Calenne Fleurke Buyer & Seller

Katie really knows the market in Tidewater. She was instrumental in negotiating a great reduction in the home that I bought. She was very involved in helping me to consider the beautiful home that I bought 4 years ago. She availed herself to the inspection and asked probing questions to the inspector. I learned a lot about my home during this time because of Katie. She flawlessly finalized all of the documents that were needed and gave me a level of comfort in buying my home. She was not at all "pushy" and did not try to up-sale me. I will be using Katie again if I EVER sell this home. In short -impressive and a true professional.

Bob Lehman Buyer

I lost my father this year and he owned a house in Virginia. My mother hired Katie and Mary to help sell this property. They were very professional and knowledgeable. There were some issues with the house, but they were able to rectify all of them for us. Being we live in NJ, this was extremely helpful. They truly went above and beyond our expectations. My mother is a realtor in NJ and she wishes that more realtors were like them. I would absolutely recommend this team

Jackie Inglese Seller

Katie is great. High energy and very sharp. Plus a great personality! She has the ability to cut through the chase. Another benefit of working with her is that Katie knows which plumber, electrician, carpenter to use. And, the ace up her sleeve is her assistant Mary! She's the best!

Martin Fleurke Buyer

I recently purchased a home in the Linlier Section of Linkhorn Bay in Virginia Beach for $1,375,000. I had seen the property on Zillow and was interested. I contacted Katie through a recommendation of a business associate. The whole experience was a pleasure thanks to Katie. She immediately set up a showing for me. Throughout the process Katie's experience and local knowledge was invaluable. Not having a lot of experience myself to make this happen, Katie took care of everything, making suggestions and making sure the necessary steps were taken right up to a stress free closing. Katie's was extremely helpful during negotiations which was just more evidence of her experience in this market. I would highly recommend Katie to anyone looking for a home.

Mike Trautman Buyer

Ms. Zarpas could not have done a better job representing us in the sale of our house. We had very complicated bank issues with our home and her experience was invaluable in getting all that sorted out with all the various parties. She was able to market our house excellently without us having to making a spectacle of the selling process, which was very important to us. She was also able to find a suitable buyer and Ms. Zarpas' experience made the entire closing transaction seamless. I would absolutely recommend Ms Zarpas for both representation of selling a house and/or for purchasing a home. Her energy and passion for what she does sets the bar higher than any other real estate agent we have ever met.


Katie is a superstar! I had a very difficult house to sell that had been destroyed over years of poor maintenance and carelessness. Katie was exceptional at helping me sell it at a great price and she was responsive and strategic. She is a straight shooter. I have worked with the worlds top earning realtors in Aspen and Malibu closing sizable deals and my standards for excellence are high, I had reached out to numerous realtors in her area that were supposed to have been the areas best and I was so disappointed at their lack of responsiveness and indifference. Thankfully Katie found me because she noticed the house in disrepair and gave the neighbor her business card in case it needed to get sold. How is that for proactive and driven? Perhaps the others were unresponsive because my deal was particularly difficult and they didn't seem to have the vision or want to make the effort. Katie is passionate and professional! You will love her!

Klaus Obermeyer Seller

Katie Zarpas is one of the most professional and dedicated realtors I've ever had the pleasure of working with. Katie knows "the business"! She helped make my dream of owning a beach house come true. Katie consistently had my best interest at heart from day one and worked countless hours to make sure that everything agreed upon between me and the seller was upheld at the time of closing despite having to deal with a dishonest and unethical seller's agent. Katie cares deeply about her clients, and not a moment went by from the time I made the initial offer on the house to weeks after moving in did Katie not stay in touch. I highly recommend you contact Katie Zarpas if you are looking to buy or sell your home!

Katie knows the business
Kelly H. Home Buyer

Katie Zarpas is everything a realtor should be. She's very pleasant to work with, explains every detail of the process to ensure you understand it and follows through to the end. You can always reach her if you have questions. I would recommend her to anyone.

Belinda WB Home Seller

"Highly recommended. I could not have dreamed of a more professional, courteous, knowledgeable experience than what I received from Ms. Zarpas and staff (Mary Lucas). This was a most stressful life occurrence and Ms. Zarpas went above and beyond. "

2020 Emmett Dr, a home I sold in Chesapeake

"Katie was an outstanding realtor. She worked tirelessly during our search for a new home. She was extremely patient with the entire process even when we changed our minds several times. I hope this is the last home I purchase but in the event that I need the services of a realtor in the future Katie Zarpas would be my number one pick."

3133 Lynnhaven Dr, a home I sold in Lynnhaven Colony
Mike Malla

"Excellent to work with and did a very good job. Dedicated service and worked hard to sell my house. Very professional and understood the dynamics of the market."

115 83rd Street, a condo I sold in Virginia Beach last year
Dr. Glickman

"Without you and your team's hard work and dedication, there is no telling where we would be mentally, physically and financially. You were able to make this process a smooth transaction between the buyer, seller and all parties involved. Your professionalism is one to be modeled and I truly wish you continued success in all your endeavors.....thank you, thank you, thank you!!!"

201 Friar Ct, a home I sold in Suffolk
Robert Green

"Katie is a Superstar. Katie and her team did an incredible job selling our beach house in East Beach. Her job was complicated by long distance communication... She and her team were professional, efficient and courteous from beginning to end of what was an extremely emotionally draining time."

9645 28th Bay, a home I sold in East Beach
Colonel Tim Lindsay US Army (ret)

House sold first day of offering. Excellent customer service. She kept in touch through the entire process. The closing went with out a hitch ahead of schedule.

George W. Home Seller

"To say we had high expectations is an understatement but Katie Z exceeded all of them without exception. She was with us every step of the way and always a consummate professional."

Birdneck Point, Virginia Beach
Dave Burnham