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Here’s some quick information about First Colonial High School in Virginia Beach. First Colonial High School, Virginia Beach Location 1272 Mill Dam Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23454 First Colonial High School is located on Mill Dam Road in Virginia Beach, in the central eastern half of the city. It is roughly halfway between Shore Drive to the […]

by Katie Zarpas May 10, 2016 8 comments

Here is my guide to the Baycliff community in Virginia Beach. Baycliff Location Baycliff is one of Virginia Beach’s hidden jewels.  Nestled deep in Great Neck, along the southern shores of Broad Bay and east of Great Neck Road, it is one of the area’s most distinctive neighborhoods.  It neighbors Alanton, Woodhurst, Mill Dam, and Broad […]

by Katie Zarpas August 07, 2015 1 comment